the last guardianThere has been quite a bit of drama regarding Sony’s upcoming title, The Last Guardian. From what we’ve seen so far, the gaming is shaping up to be a very beautiful game in terms of its graphics and its story (at least what we know so far), but there have been rumors about it being cancelled.

Sony has quickly quashed those rumors and speaking to Eurogamer, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida revealed that the game was still in development, meaning that it could be a while before gamers could look forward to it, although the good news is that it has not been cancelled, just possibly not ready for showtime just yet.

According to Yoshida, “Lots of people tweeted me they were heartbroken by that news [prior to the show]. People are going through this roller coaster of emotions, and it’s our fault for not releasing the game, yet.”

He also adds that he’d rather not release bits of information, and would rather have one big reveal, whenever that is. “We owe a lot to those people, but we really don’t want to release piecemeal information until we can say this is The Last Guardian – so we ask you to wait.” Gamers have been waiting since 2009, which was when the game was first revealed.

However at that time, it was revealed as a PS3 game and it has been speculated that it could be released for the PlayStation 4. GameSpot tried to find out more when they spoke to PlayStation software product development head, Scott Rohde, who replied with, “I’m not going to talk about it more than that.”

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