verizon-logo-stone-wallVerizon has expanded its latest technology which it calls XLTE to additional Louisiana locations, in an effort to increase 4G LTE network capacity as well as bring about better high-speed services for its customers who happen to reside or work in Lafayette, Alexandria, Houma-Thibodaux, Hammond and New Iberia. With over 300 of Verizon’s 4G LTE 500-plus markets getting this XLTE enhancement, those who have missed out on this particular round need not fret thanks to additional XLTE expansions being scheduled to be completed before 2014 clocks out.


XLTE technology will make use of Verizon’s AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) spectrum, where it enables Verizon to deliver significantly increased capacity. In fact, it is touted that capacity is doubled at the very minimum compared to the existing high-speed 4G LTE network, which is good news for those who happen to remain within high-traffic locations most of the time. This ought not to cramp your style during times of peak usage as you ought to be able to upload videos, send photos, download large files, and chat simultaneously without seeing a degradation in performance.

XLTE technology works best in enhancing wireless network performance in settings whenever there happens to be a concentrated group of high-data demand customers, and this would include areas such as densely-populated zones, rush hour commutes, concert venues, sports arenas/stadiums and other large event locations.

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