Amazon is one of the largest online retailers in the world so its safe to say that it has millions of credit cards on file. There was speculation recently that the company would launch an app soon that would allow people to use digital versions of the card they already have on file with Amazon for online purchases. That hasn’t happened yet but Amazon has released a new Wallet app rather quietly. For now all it does is let you store and use loyalty cards and gift cards.

Its pretty easy to load up cards in Amazon Wallet. Start by scanning the loyalty or gift card and then save the digital copy on the phone. These cards can then be used in stores where they’re accepted. The app can also be used to check the balance on these cards.

The app itself is pretty basic and it comes preloaded on Amazon Fire Phone, which is going to be shipped in the very near future. Its also available in beta version for Android users from the Google Play Store. No word as yet about when the Amazon Wallet app is going to be released for the iPhone.

Many large retail stores and restaurant chains are supported so this should help people who tend to use up loyalty or gift cards quite frequently. Hopefully at some point in time Amazon will add the ability to use credit cards through its Wallet app as well.

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