android-web-shareAndroid and iOS are two bitter rivals on the mobile operating system front, and the world is generally split between these two where smartphones and tablets are concerned, although there are side players such as Windows Phone and BlackBerry OS, with the latter having an extremely slim chance of making a huge comeback. Having said that, while Android has surpassed iOS in terms of the number of phones shipped globally based on monthly figures, is it the clear cut winner? Some folks claim that the more accurate way of determining which is more popular would be to use web traffic, and while iOS has long been the leader in terms of mobile web traffic worldwide, Net Applications claim that Android is breathing right down iOS’ neck.

In fact, the June figures that were released by Net Applications point to iOS owning 45.61% of the global smartphone market, with Android right behind at 43.75%, compared to April, where iOS had a more commanding lead of 13% over Android.

So what happens when mobile web traffic on Android surpasses that of iOS? Not much actually at the moment, and it remains interesting to see how Apple will respond (or are already responding in their labs) to the situation. Generally speaking, it would be the end users who end up as the winner, don’t you think so?

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