The wait is finally up. If you pre-ordered Bungie’s Destiny today is the day you get beta access. The Destiny Beta for PS4 and PS3 is live now. PlayStation owners are exclusively getting it a few days before it goes live for the Xbox. Download size for the beta is around 14GB so it may take a while for the download to finish, keeping in mind the fact that Bungie’s servers are probably hammered by all of the people clamoring to get their hands on the beta.

For those who don’t know, Destiny is a role-playing first-person shooter game that Activision has sunk $500 million in. It is developed by Bungie, the same studio that worked on Halo before the franchise was passed on to 343 Industries.

Activision has also released a Destiny Companion app for iOS, Android as well as the web through which players can enhance their Destiny Beta experience. It allows players to track their progress through their mobile device. All players who have beta access will earn an exclusive in-game emblem if they play the beta on July 26th at 10 pm GMT.

Xbox owners don’t have to wait too long. Destiny Beta for Xbox One and Xbox 360 goes live on July 23rd. However as we reported earlier today the beta won’t run at 1080p on Microsoft’s console. Destiny’s final release takes place on September 9th, 2014.

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