Activision’s $500 million title Destiny, developed by Bungie, is one of the most highly anticipated titles this year. As most of you would know Bungie was responsible for the Halo franchise before handing the baton over to 343 Industries. After an early alpha release gamers will soon be getting their hands on the Destiny Beta on next-gen consoles. Unfortunately the Destiny Xbox One beta won’t run at 1080p resolution, this was confirmed by Bungie community chief David Dague, who added that Bungie is aiming for full 1080p resolution on all platform by the time this title is due to launch.

The confirmation came during a live stream of the beta on IGN. Dague said that there is room for improvement and nothing is set in stone since this is the beta version after all. He says the beta is of “enormous help” to Bungie as it lets them know how to perfect the title and make it even better prior to launch.

It was reported last month that on Xbox One Destiny would run at 1080p and 30 frames per second when it formally launching, thanks to Microsoft’s June software update for the console.

Dague also confirmed that unlike in Bungie’s Halo titles players in Destiny will not be able to board enemy vehicles. “The emphasis in Destiny is on your weapons,” he said, adding that “with all of the ways you can destroy a vehicle in this game, if you could also jump on board, they just wouldn’t be worth using.”

Destiny beta is set to open for PlayStation today, some PS4 owners have already been able to pre-load the beta. The beta will be online for Xbox on July 23rd.

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