worldclockDifferent parts of the world have different time zones and this is something that we’ve all come to know and accept. However sometimes it can be a bit tricky trying to figure out the time in a different part of the world that you might not be familiar with, and while you can use the internet to figure out the time, perhaps the World Clock by 11+ could be a more stylish alternative.

If you have not heard of 11+, don’t worry. This is because they’re a pretty small design firm and they hail from South Korea, although based on their designs, like the World Clock, we reckon that they’ll soon be making a name of themselves. So what is the World Clock? Well it’s basically a clock that tells you the time of the world.

However what makes it different from other clocks is that in order to tell the time in different parts of the world, all you’d have to do is roll the clock to a particular time zone and it should be able to give it to your correctly.

Now we’re pretty sure this isn’t the first clock of its kind to offer up similar functionality, but thanks to its very clean and sleek design, we reckon that it would be a great addition to homes where design has been given a lot of priority. That being said if you’d like to get your hands on it, you can do so by heading on over to Leibal’s website where it can be purchased for $49.

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