nomadplusBattery packs are a pretty common sight these days and we reckon that we’ll continue seeing them around for a while, at least until smartphone OEMs can create a device that can last longer than a day on a full charge. However if you were looking for a smartphone battery pack that is small and convenient, perhaps the NomadPlus could be worth taking a look at.


As you can see in the image above, the NomadPlus is no bigger than your standard iPhone wall charger. In fact this is what makes the NomadPlus so unique. It allows users to charge the battery pack itself in the wall by integrating itself with the Apple charger. This means that when you’re on holiday, you won’t have to bring separate devices as the iPhone’s wall charger will fit into the NomadPlus just fine.

On the back of the device there is another USB slot where you can plug in your Lightning cable to charge your iPhone. We reckon it will also be able to charge non-iOS devices as long as you have the appropriate cable with you. The NomadPlus’ built-in battery is 1,500mAh which according to TechCrunch, should be enough to charge an iPhone 5s to about 70%.

The output of the charger has also been capped at 5V/1A, meaning that while it will charge your iPhone just fine, it might be pretty slow in charging an iPad. Nomad is currently taking pre-orders for the device at $40, although according to an Instagram post by the company, using the “nomadplus” code will drop it down to $20.

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