There are many of us out there who would love to get in shape, get ripped and toned muscles, but for some reason we always find ourselves giving the excuse that we don’t have the time. Well if you don’t have the time or the money to pay for a gym subscription, how about exercising in your own home then?

For those out there looking to get into shape, you might be interested to learn that Beach Body’s P90X has made its way onto the Microsoft Xbox One console. For those unfamiliar, the P90X is a workout program designed for those looking to get ripped muscles. It has also been designed for working out at home, or at least for those with some kind of equipment (such as weights).

Well with it debuting on the Xbox One, the console version of the fitness program will actually work in conjunction with the Microsoft Kinect accessory, assuming that you are one of the gamers that bought the console while the Kinect was still bundled. The Kinect will actually help guide you through the exercises and see if you’re doing the workouts the right way, a feature missing from the standard version of the program.

According to Microsoft, “Your trainer, Tony Horton, will push you to your limits with explosive moves that work your entire body from head to toe. With the help of Kinect for Xbox One, which monitors and corrects your form and function, this one-of-a-kind customized workout will get the results you want fast.” P90X is available for the Xbox One and it will be priced at $59.99.

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