silent powerWhile some of us don’t particularly mind the sounds coming from our PCs, there are those who would much rather it be silent. However the sound usually comes from either our hard drives spinning or from the fans that keeps our PCs nice and cool. Well, if you’re looking for a completely quiet PC, you might be interested in the Silent Power.

As you can see in the image above, the Silent Power is a very weird looking PC. The bottom part looks normal, but on the top it looks like some kind of shrubbery is growing on top of it. Well you will be interested to learn that the brown tangle above the PC component is actually a bunch of copper “foam”.

silent power 2What the copper does is that apart from turning heads, it helps to act as a heat sink and given the way that it has been designed, it seems that it can dissipate heat so effectively that the makers of the Silent Power have done away with the need for a fan, thus leading to a PC that runs quietly.

Unfortunately the Silent Power isn’t available for purchase, yet, because it is currently seeking funding from the public. The manufacturer is currently taking pre-orders and will only fulfil them when they managed to sell 45,000 euro worth of PCs. If you’d like to learn more, you can head on over to its website (it’s in German) for the details!

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