Last year one of the most popular games for the Sony PlayStation 3 was The Last Of Us. It was confirmed a few months back that the title will also be released for next-generation consoles. PlayStation 4 owners have to wait less than a month now to be able to play The Last of Us Remastered on their latest consoles. There were reports going around recently about cross-play between previous and next-gen versions of this game but as it turns out The Last of Us remastered cross-play between PS4 and PS3 is not going to happen.

The reports started after Sony Computer Entertainment Korea sent out a press release which stated that cross-play would be possible between the two consoles. Korean news sites published the news which was then carried by many websites in the West.

Realizing that it had made a mistake Sony then issued a correction for the press release, clarifying once and for all that The Last of Us cross-play between PS4 and PS4 is definitely not possible. The corrected press release was first noticed by NeoGAF user catmario.

Even when we first heard about this possibility it seemed too good to be true. It wouldn’t make sense to put players who play the title in full 1080p HD at 60fps on PS4 against those who barely manage 720p at 30fps on the PS3. The correction from Sony puts us all at ease. The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 launches July 29th, 2014.

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