report-cyberbullyingWe’re sure many of you guys have come across internet trolls more than once in your life. They can be annoying, and sometimes unknowingly the things we say can pass off as being troll-like as well. Thanks to the internet and relative anonymity, we can easily hurl insults and make disparaging comments to one another without saying it directly to the other person’s face.

However we have seen instances where the trolling becomes so bad that it constitutes cyber-bullying to the extent where young people have actually killed themselves over it. Well perhaps looking to put an end to it, a 13-year old girl by the name of Trisha Prabhu has come up with a simple but surprisingly effective solution.

Prabhu’s project is called Rethink and it’s basically a system that can filter messages to determine what could be deemed as hurtful and insensitive. When such a message is detected, instead of posting it, users will be asked if they’re sure this is what they want to do. Surprisingly enough it was found that 93.43% of the adolescents who use the Rethink system decide not to go ahead with it.

Prabhu’s Rethink project got her a spot in Google’s 15 Global Science Fair finalists. We’re not sure if and when Prabhu’s Rethink system will ever get implemented, but it sounds like a pretty good idea and one that we wouldn’t mind seeing. What do you guys think?

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