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Its very easy to share a computer or even a gaming console with multiple users, they can simply create their own user accounts and keep everything separate. That’s not the case with Android smartphones. The platform doesn’t have support for multiple user accounts but it may not be long before Google finally adds the much requested feature. A Google developer confirmed on the Android issue tracker that the development team has already implemented this feature.

What about the release though? Well it appears that Google is in no rush to get it out the door. According to the developer this feature will be available as part of the “next public build” of Android. Now there aren’t any major KitKat releases expected in the near future since Google has already unveiled Android L and plans to release it in a couple of months.

Therefore its quite possible that Android L will bring support for multiple user accounts to smartphones powered by Google’s mobile platform. Google has worked with this feature before as Android 4.2 brought multiple user accounts for tablets powered by Android. No doubt users would appreciate getting the feature on smartphones as well.

It would also be beneficial for small businesses that don’t invest in enterprise-managed mobile devices. Users would be able to create separate profiles for work and normal usage locally and therefore keep their personal and work files apart.

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