google-lollipopHow times has flies – the Internet search giant that is known as Google has just turned 16 years old earlier this month, and the company traditionally celebrates its birthday on September 27th despite that not being the actual date. After all, until the year 2005, Google had always noted its birthday to fall on September 7th, which is the right deal anyways as that happens to be the day in which it was incorporated. This particular switch in dates that allowed the celebration of its birthday a few weeks later in September happened to coincide with when Google announced the number of web pages were indexed.

That particular figure happened to be somewhere on top of 30 trillion, and as most of us know, Google is capable of handling up to millions of searches every single minute. Regardless, September is the actual “birth month” of Google, so to speak, and it has been a zany past 16 years.

Needless to say, all birthday celebrations deserve to have a cake served up, and Google decided to share what their 16th birthday cake looked like – and instead of 16 candles being placed there (or one large and half a dozen smaller candles), the top of the cake happened to be full of lollipops. Android L – for Lollipop, perhaps? Only time will tell.

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