cod-recruitAh, video games. This is one particular topic that will never run out of arguments, whether it is good or bad for the gamer. While it has been linked in a study between video games and depression, here we are with a British father of two radicalized fighters, citing that the video game Call of Duty was the medium of choice used to recruit Jihadists, and his sons fell to such a ploy.

57 year old Ahmed Muthana claims that two of his pride and joy, Nasser and Aseel, were recruited in order to fight for Islamic State after playing the violent game. Muthana cited that he did not want to purchase the first person shooter game for his children while they were still growing up in Cardiff, and he has strong reason to believe that the very same people who radicalized his sons could also have been the channel to pass them the game as part of the “preparation” process.

While titles like Call of Duty might be extremely realistic, they would prove inadequate to handle what goes on in the battlefield, as the real world is totally different altogether, and there is absolutely no chance to respawn after being killed. Do you think Muthana’s assessment of the situation is correct?

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