elderscrolls-petWhen it comes to the world of gaming, you can be sure that people tend to gravitate toward a particular genre due to their skillset and interest, and within that genre itself, there will be several franchises where you can “pledge your allegiance to”, so to speak, or rather, in simpler terms, be a fanboy/girl of that gaming franchise, defending it with all your worth online while even dreaming about the in-game characters while you sleep. Having said that, if you are a huge fan of Elder Scrolls Online, then you will be pleased to know that subscribers to this game will be rewarded with a free pet as part of the first stage of a new Loyalty Program.

Just like how membership has its privileges, so too, do you have some bonuses if you were to sign up under the new Loyalty Program. This new Loyalty Program will provide subscribers with a free High Hrothgar Wraith pet for those who happen to be a subscriber for three months or more. Do bear in mind that this period of time would exclude the amount of game time that is part of your purchase of Elder Scrolls Online and any additional complimentary game time.

Apart from that, we have learned that this Loyalty Program will continue to expand in due time, so one ought to keep a lookout for upcoming freebies and such.

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