metal-gear-solid-the-legacy-collection-ps3-juneThere is nothing quite as potent as the power of copyright, which is exactly what happened to this particular remake of Metal Gear by a fan. The human mind is truly a wonderful thing, where it is capable of thinking up about different and creative ways to approach a same subject from various angles. In fact, there has been a fair number of casualties, so to speak, when it comes to fan interpretations of a video game franchise, only for those fans to be hit by cease and desist letters from legal eagles. A bunch of dedicated Metal Gear decided to redo the original 1987 NES title using Valve’s Source engine, and happened to keep in touch with a Konami representative throughout the entire project.

Unfortunately, a month of work has passed, and Konami has approached this particular group that they no longer have permission to continue with their work, and asked them to stop whatever they are doing at that moment. In the email that was sent, it read, “The project has been shut down by Konami. Seems that they all couldn’t agree on the project going ahead.”

Just how much work on the remake has been done? Well, the mod team shared that David Hayter was already roped in to deliver Snake’s voice, having even recorded several lines along the way. There was also a trailer that depicted several unanimated scenes, alongside Hayter’s dialogue. It is quite a disappointment to read about this, don’t you think so?

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