Back in July, the Kyocera Brigadier with Sapphire Shield was announced for Verizon. Unlike Apple’s rumored plans for using sapphire purely, the Kyocera Brigadier uses a layer of synthetic sapphire glass instead which helps prevent the phone from being too scratched up. That being said, exactly how durable or rugged is the Sapphire Shield?

Well the folks at Kyocera Mobile have recently released a video that shows just how much abuse the Sapphire Shield will be able to take before it is damaged. They compared it to the likes of a standard impact-resistant glass in drop and scratch tests, and safe to say that the Sapphire Shield held its own pretty well.

While the impact-resistant glass ended up being scratched and eventually shattered by a piece of granite, the Sapphire Shield looked like it was still new. Given that the Kyocera Brigadier was designed to be a rugged device, we guess would-be customers can rest easy knowing that it will take a lot more to damage it.

However if there are some criticisms leveled at the use of sapphire, it is that it is too brittle. Several OEMs have stated that the material is too brittle meaning that unlike glass, it has less give. It is also reportedly more expensive, although the upside we guess is that it is harder to scratch and is clearer. Either way if you have a minute to spare, check out the video above for the details.

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