jbstatue2When it comes to the iPhone, you know that there is an upcoming model that is about to roll out – and it is not too difficult trying to figure out just which particular model is one using at the moment. As for Android-powered devices, just how many different kinds and makes are there in the market? A few thousand? More like 19,000, actually, as OpenSignal recently revealed their “Android Fragmentation Visualized” report that pointed out a figure of 18,796 distinct Android devices for the year 2014, which marks a rather significant increase since August last year, where there were “only” 11,868 devices that were registered.

According to OpenSignal, 43% of those devices happen to be manufactured by Samsung, and at this point in time, it looks as though a mere 20.9% of existing Android users are running on the latest KitKat version of the mobile operating system.

Like it or not, “fragmentation” is a word that cannot be avoided when it comes to the Android ecosystem. This just goes to show how many different kinds of devices there are out there which run on various versions of Android. One thing is for sure though – it does not look as though the total number of different Android devices will lessen anytime soon, what more a year from now.

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