At Gamescom today Sony made a few announcements of its own. First up the company announced that the PlayStation 4 has sold ten million units around the world, a milestone this console has achieved in just nine months after launch. It also detailed PS4 system update 2.0 which adds a new feature called Share Play. Sony describes it as an “online local co-op experience.”

Sony says that Share Play is basically like a “virtual couch.” You will be able to invite your friends to join a game even if they don’t own a copy of that particular title. They will be able to play with you as if they were in the same room.

Share Play will also allow you to jump into a friend’s game to assist them. If they’re having trouble with a certain level they can simply invite you to take control and guide them through. The screen will be shared with your friend as you navigate through that tricky part of the game.

Apart from bringing Share Play, PS4 system update 2.0 will also add some much awaited broadcast and video sharing features. Dedicated app support for YouTube has been confirmed as well as direct upload of gameplay footage. A real name search function will be added to What’s New, which will also feature more real-time activity based on friend-of-friend suggestions.

PS4 system update 2.0 will be released later this fall. Sony will take about other features that will be included in the update over the coming months.

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