Cars with built-in heads up displays aren’t new, and to a certain extent they’re almost like augmented reality. However it seems that a researcher from Informatics by the name of Garnet Hertz has come up with something a little crazier. What Hertz has done is he has taken the arcade version of OutRun (including the cabinet), slapped some wheels on it, and has taken it on the road.

Naturally this is very dangerous not to mention illegal, but thanks to the use of augmented reality, the machine is apparently able to reading the roads and projecting and rendering them properly on the arcade machine, thus allowing Hertz to drive on the road without actually having to look at the road, only through the video game.

So the end result is a video game whose tracks are based on the road that Hertz is actually driving on. It’s admittedly a little disorientating because the speed of the game is moving really fast, while in reality the cart that Hertz drives is pretty slow, so we guess it might need some getting used to.

Thankfully the researchers didn’t take it to the real highways to test it out, but rather limited its use to the campus and the office, but in any case if you’re interested in seeing it in action, check it out in the video above.

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