google-polarGoogle has just loosened their purse strings to pick up yet another company, where this particular entity is known as Polar. What does Polar do? They happen to be a mobile and desktop polling company, and apparently the reason behind the purchase of Polar is to strengthen their cause when it comes to user engagement among publishers as well as brands with their users.

Employees of Polar will be moving to the Google office, and that looks as though it is going to be the only “disruption” that will happen, especially when you consider how their work will continue as usual. The main objective of Polar is to help increase user engagement on Google’s social media platform, or perhaps to look for a solution when it comes to assisting brands which rely on social networks to market themselves better when online.

Google has done some work in the past to increase the overall popularity of the Google+ service, but so far their efforts seemed to have hit a glass ceiling of sorts. I would suppose that many eyes are on Polar to see how they are able to add value to the Google+ platform in due time. You can read up on what Polar does here.

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