nexus-5-review--007When it comes to getting a free replacement for your phone, chances are that will only happen if it is due to a manufacturing defect. This also means that generally speaking if you were to damage your phone yourself, such as dropping it, running it over with a car, taking it for a swim, and etc., well you’d be out of luck.

Interestingly enough it seems that there have been a handful of reports that suggests that Google and LG could be replacing Nexus 5 handsets for free, even in the event that they might have sustained user-damage. According to one of the reports, the person called Google Play Customer service about their Nexus 5 whose screen was cracked.

According to the customer rep, they claimed that a new policy had recently been enacted in which all the users would have to do is send in their damaged unit and they would get a new one for free. Now we should point out that these reports are more anecdotal in nature as opposed to an officially announced change in policy.

What this means is that you should probably not go and damage your Nexus 5 on purpose in hopes of receiving a new one. No word from Google or LG about this alleged new policy, but we will be keeping our eyes and ears peeled for more info. In the meantime are there any Nexus 5 owners who might be able to confirm these reports?

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