Kindle-VoyageAmazon lifted the veil on a slew of new Kindle devices last week, where the Kindle Voyage took centerstage. It looks like the $199 price tag proved to work, as checking out the Kindle Voyage page on Amazon pointed out how this particular e-reader has seen its shipping times delayed all the way to the second week of December.


Of course, the 3G+ model of the Kindle Voyage is still on track for shipment later this coming October, while the remaining three options have seen their shipping times slip by a minimum of one month, not to mention having a quota of just two models per customer.

This comes across a mere four days after Amazon introduced this e-reader, which would mean one of two things – either the supply was not enough to meet the demand due to an oversight, or the demand was extremely high – much more than what Amazon had originally anticipated. Are you one of those who actually placed an order for the Amazon Kindle Voyage e-reader already, and are you bummed by this bit of news if your pre-order had seen a delay? I suppose this is one good way to exercise the virtues of patience, don’t you think so?

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