Children absolutely love mascots, and whenever you see on of these huge mascots go bumbling around a supermarket or in a public square, there will be enthralled children surrounding it, sometimes giving it a nice, long hug to show their adoration and glee. Well, behind every mascot lies a human, and so the same principle would apply to this particular Metal Gear REX costume.

I know that Halloween is still more than a month away, but it does not hurt to be prepared far earlier, don’t you think so? The Metal Gear REX costume might be able to be created by a single person, but it would require at least two more folks around you to help you out in assembling the entire shebang, as you can see for yourself in the video above. Pro Voltage Cosplay claims that it took a whopping seven months to create this Metal Gear REX costume.

Where the world of Metal Gear is concerned, REX happens to be a kind of mech that is able to launch an undetectable nuclear device using a railgun. This is one huge and scary machine, and will be operated by a pilot within. I would make sure that my bladder and bowels are properly emptied before I actually put this costume on as it is going to be a pain to remove.

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