Nevermind the fact that less than a week back Sony unveiled the Xperia Z3 smartphone, there’s already a rumor about its successor. The company has made a habit of launching new flagships in six months, we all know that the Z3 took the baton from the Z2, which was unveiled at CES 2014. At the same trade show in Las Vegas next year we will expect the company to show off the Xperia Z4. Rumor has it that Sony’s next flagship smartphone is going to have a Quad HD display.

Many would have expected Sony to put a Quad HD display in the Xperia Z3 seeing as how few of its rivals have already done so in their flagships. But Sony’s point of view at IFA was that Quad HD displays were not a priority for the Xperia Z3 as they provide little value but do hog battery and brightness.

However that doesn’t mean Sony will never consider amping up the display technology on a future flagship. It probably made this statement to justify the 1080p panel in the Xperia Z3. Famed Sony leaked Ricciolo believes it to be so, and hints that whatever Sony’s next flagship ends up being called, its going to have a Quad HD panel with top level specifications.

It is too soon to be certain what these top level specifications might be, so we’ll have to wait for a bit to find out. Expect more rumors and leaks about the Xperia Z4 by the end of the year because that’s when CES products usually hit the rumor mill.

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