tiinyThe Internet is a cool place to hang out in, but there are times when you might want to think twice about the security of your accounts. After all, we have heard our fair share of stories concerning leaks and the ilk, so much so it is always better to be safe than sorry, don’t you think so? If you love to share some of your life online, but do not want the “evidence” to remain there for all eternity, fret not – Digg’s co-founder Kevin Rose has come up with what he calls “Tiiny”.

Tiiny happens to offer thumbnail-sized images and videos that will disappear after a while, all appearing in a grid that is refreshed constantly. There will be snapshots as well as video footage from your friends, and they are unable to be resized so that the nitty gritty details are unable to be determined. Theoretically, this means you can share a whole lot more about what you have been up to, without having to settle for any kind of permanence on the matter. I suppose it is somewhat a give-and-take relationship – you want the world to know what you’re up to, and yet you do not want a permanent, indelible mark left online.

Fancy giving it a go? The iOS app is available for download already.

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