Fresh-3560Last year it was announced that Amazon Fresh would be making its way to San Francisco, and just last month, the service is expected to debut in the East Coast for the first time with New York City being the lucky launchpad. Well the good news is that Amazon has confirmed the service will be kicking off on Friday, which is today.

The service will only be available in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Park Slope to start, and is expected to expand to other neighborhoods at a later date, although an Amazon spokeswoman declined to mention when the service would be making its way to other parts of New York City, such as Manhattan.

The reason the Park Slope area was chosen is because it is home to a lot of young professionals and families who are believed to be existing customers of Amazon, so getting them to use Amazon’s new service would not be a hard thing to do. For those unfamiliar with Amazon Fresh, this is a service offered by Amazon in which the company would deliver fresh groceries to your home, along with over 500,000 items, including toys, electronics and favorites from local shops and restaurants.

Customers who place their orders before 10am are expected to receive their purchases later in the day, and customers who order after 10am will get their deliveries the next day. The service is currently only open to those who are a subscriber to Amazon Prime, so if you’re not, we guess you’d be out of luck for now.

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