russiankeyboardApparently, there is a brand new report that has just surfaced, hailing from California-based cyber security firm Fire Eye. This new report claims that a rather well known bunch of malware might have been developed and released by none other than the Russian government themselves. The reason behind the deployment of such malware? To pick up sensitive intelligence which will concern the militaries, governments, as well as other groups of interest to Russia.

In this particular report, it pointed out that the malware group happens to be already extremely well known amongst those in the cyber security community, and it will work differently compared to other malware since it takes the road less traveled by not targeting financial information or intellectual property, but rather, looks in the direction of intelligence on defense and geopolitical issues among the different groups where the country of Russia already has an interest in.

Fire Eye did mention in its threat report, “While we don’t have pictures of a building, personas to reveal, or a government agency to name. What we do have is evidence of long-standing, focused operations that indicate a government sponsor – specifically, a government based in Moscow.” What do you think of the entire situation, and do other governments get involved in a similar manner, except that they have not been suspected of doing so?

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