grandma-wifi-blockerFor many of us, not having a decent signal on our smartphones, or even being in a “dead zone” while the entire home has been set up to feature Wi-Fi connectivity is a nightmare, but for 72 year old grandmother Stefanie Russell, that would be heaven. It is not because she is a Luddite, but simply because she claims to suffer from a condition where being in the presence of a cellular signal or Wi-Fi network would end up giving her headaches as well as nausea.

With the world getting more and more connected these days, it means she will have less and less places to move about. While Russell has not been diagnosed by a physician, she has already forked out over $6,000 to have her home in the U.K. painted with not one, two, or even three, but four (!) layers of special anti-radiation paint. This particular paint’s job is to safeguard her home against these harmful signals to her. Russell also claims that the level of her electro-sensitivity does not allow her to ride on public transport due to the amount of mobile devices being used there.

Do you think that this 72 year old grandmother is well within her limits in making sure that she is all right in the confines of her own home? Perhaps, but her grandchildren who are wired and connected would probably find it pretty frustrating when they visit since they are unable to update their Facebook status – perhaps a wired LAN computer would be able to get the job done.

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