rohm-usb-power-delivery-system-1[CEATEC 2014] What kind of devices can your USB port power? Sure, some of them will be able to handle the likes of a tablet, while most of them ought to be able to juice up a smartphone without any issue at all. Well, ROHM intends to change the landscape of USB charging with their brand new USB Power Delivery system, which would pave open the door for larger devices such as a notebook or desktop – to be powered through a regular USB terminal, now how about that?

The ROHM USB Power delivery system also has another major advantage, where it will be able to drastically shorten the amount of time required for a smartphone or a tablet to be juiced up to its full capacity, which is something that most people would find convenient actually, taking into consideration just how fast paced society is these days, wanting everything to be quick and fast at the tip of their fingers.

This is made possible thanks to ROHM having developed chipsets that are able to be powered via USB (through the USB Power delivery system of course) that will hopefully see action in the likes of notebooks, tablets, smartphones, and even various peripherals including the likes of docking stations – as the amount of juice delivered can be up to 100 Watts, which is ten times the power of current power solutions. To sweeten the deal, you would not lose any of your USB 3.0 SuperSpeed data capability over the very same cable used, now how about that? As to just what kind of products will make use of this ROHM USB Power delivery system, that remains to be seen as at press time.

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