hard-drive-destroy.0We’ve all seen the movies where computer hard drives and electronics will self-destruct when the right codes are entered, thus preventing anyone else from seeing the information on it. Well if you’re after something similar, you might be interested to learn that British company Secure Drives has announced the Autothysis128s and the Autothysis128t.

Both of these devices are solid state drives with 128GB of storage, and for the most part will act like solid state drives. However their main selling point here is that they have a built-in self-destruct feature that allows users to delete their data remotely just by sending an SMS to a special self-destruct phone number.

Now if you’re thinking that this is just a data wipe, you’re wrong. Not only is the data wiped, but the drive itself will be physically destroyed, like the NAND flash chips and the security controller being broken inside the device itself. Now there are other ways to self-destruct the drive, such as removing it from the PC and failing to enter the right PIN are just some of the other ways.

Unfortunately these drives are not cheap even as far as SSDs are concerned. They are priced starting at around $1,567 for the drive itself, not to mention you’ll have to pay about $180 for each touchscreen token linked to the drive, and a $47 annual subscription for its GSM capabilities.

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