verizon-logo-stone-wallA few months ago, and much to the disappointment of Verizon’s remaining unlimited data plan customers, the carrier announced that come October they would be throttling the speeds of some of its users who might be excessively using data. This naturally did not sit well with Verizon’s customers and the FCC who believed that Verizon had an obligation to uphold.

Well the good news is that it looks like the throttling of data will no longer be happening. Verizon has recently released a statement in which they wrote that they will no longer be implementing the throttling of data to its unlimited customers, which aren’t that many at the moment as the carrier has since done away with the plans, which only leaves those who have been grandfathered into the plans.

According to Verizon’s statement, “We’ve greatly valued the ongoing dialogue over the past several months concerning network optimization and we’ve decided not to move forward with the planned implementation of network optimization for 4G LTE customers on unlimited plans.”

No doubt this is great new for these users and hopefully it will appease the FCC’s chairman who was reportedly “disturbed” when Verizon first broke the news. In the meantime are any of our readers part of these grandfathered plans? And are you guys thrilled by Verizon’s decision to backtrack?

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