apple-700bThe Apple gravy train continues to roll forward without any sign of slowing down, where the stock has experienced a 7-to-1 split earlier in the year, before the company embarked on a phenomenal run of new product launches and announcements that has seen its stock price climb up higher and higher. In fact, earlier in November, Apple was theoretically worth more than the whole Russian stock market alone, hitting a new “personal best” this time around – with a market capitalization of $700 billion.

This is due to Apple’s stock hitting the $119.65 mark, making it “achieve” a pre-split price of $837.13. In other words, this points to a huge 50% increase since January earlier this year. Who else can Apple see in their rear view mirror? Quite a distance away, we have Exxon Mobile with a market capitalization of a mere $400 billion, and we have Microsoft in third place (although the software company did manage to jump to second place for a while earlier this month).

Just what other kinds of heights do you think that Apple will be achieve in the future? After all, nothing can continue to go up forever, but as long as the good times roll at the moment, you might want to call your broker for your next investment move.

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