bf4_ios_2-1024x718Our tablets these days pack some impressive hardware under the hood. In fact tablets these days are probably more powerful than a lot of computers were back in the day. That being said, how powerful are we talking about? Well it seems that the folks behind the Frostbite engine have recently decided to put it to the test.

What they have managed to do is actually get a game of Battlefield 4 up and running on iOS. Before you get too excited and are wondering when you can buy the iOS version of the game, you can’t. It seems that this is more of a proof of concept that the tablet is powerful enough in some situations.

It should also be noted that the game is not running in its entirety. Instead only selected parts of the game were chosen. “So to see exactly how far we could take the engine on mobile we set ourselves up for a real challenge: getting selected parts of the Battlefield 4 – truly a visually demanding game – running on iOS! I want to stress that this has been a tech demo to test the engine capabilities, and nothing else.”

Like we said, don’t hold your breath if you were hoping to see Battlefield 4 ported onto mobile devices, but if anything it goes to show just how powerful our tablets are these days. In the meantime you find out more about their attempts on the Frostbite blog.

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