There are some people who can sleep regardless of the noise around them. They can put on a heavy metal or EDM track and go to sleep. However there some really light sleepers where the creak of the door will wake them up. For these light sleepers, there are alternatives such as noise cancelling headphones or earplugs.


The former is great, but after a while they can become uncomfortable. The latter is a lightweight solution but boring as all it does is block noise. What if you wanted to toss on some ambient tracks? Well the good news is that there is now a happy middle in the form of the Hush earplugs, a set of earplugs which its creators are calling the world’s first smart earplugs.

Now these earplugs function as normal earplugs, but at the same time they act as wireless headphones too so users can connect them to their smartphones and be notified of alerts, incoming calls, or just use them to playback ambient sounds. The Hush earplugs also comes with an accompanying app that has an alarm feature that will notify the wearer instead of blasting through the phone’s speakers, thus waking up other people in the process.

Unfortunately if you were hoping that it could act as a pair of music headphones, it does not seem to be that case, at least not for this particular version as its creators state. As it stands, its Kickstarter project has managed to raise double of what they had intended, so if you’d like to pledge your support, you can do so on its Kickstarter page.

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