computer-chess-screamTo scream at someone more often than not shows a certain degree of frustration and to an extent, anger, but to scream at an inanimate object? That would surely show a high degree of stress involved. In fact, residents of a flat heard a man screaming, and I am quite sure that there might even have been some choice words in there that would never make it to any family friendly site. The man’s neighbors decided to call the police by making an emergency call, as you can never quite tell just what might be happening behind the scenes.

When the police in Oslo showed up in order to investigate the nature and cause of the noise, they were prepared for the worst. Thankfully, it was all a happy ending, since the police who turned up realized that there was no need to call in the forensics department, but rather, they were faced by a lone chess player who had basically lost it after he kept on losing in matches against his computer, not having won for hours on end.

The Oslo police then decided to tweet about the incident, ‘We’re at the place. Just a chess player frustrated by constantly losing against his own PC.’ What was your most violent reaction while playing games on a computer or console? I had this bad habit of slamming the mouse against the table.

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