mariokart8dlcSo we know that a Mario Kart 8 DLC is in the works, but when exactly can gamers look forward to it? Well if you’re done racing all the circuits provided in the game, you might be interested to learn that the DLC has been confirmed for a release on the 13th of November. This lines up with earlier reports that the DLC will see a release in November, but we guess we have an official date now.

The DLC will introduce three new racers to the roster of characters that gamers can choose from. One of the racers will be Link from the Zelda franchise, and the other two characters are more like costumes. One of the costumes is a cat costume for Princess Peach while the other is a Tanooki costume for Mario.

There will also be two new karts introduced to the game which includes the F-Zero Blue Falcon and an Epona-themed bike. Like we said earlier if you’ve raced all the tracks that have been included in the original game, the DLC will also add eight new tracks, all of which were revealed during the Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday.

Some of the tracks might be familiar to gamers like the Mute City track, the Excitbike-themed track, Hyrule Castle track, and Rainbow Road, which is probably either a huge favorite for Mario Kart enthusiasts or a nightmare for the most ardent fan of the franchise. This DLC makes it the second DLC for Mario Kart 8 where it will be priced at $8.

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