nvidia-tegra-k1-ces2014_23Maybe a decade ago, console gaming could be thought of as superior to PC gaming. Back then to build a gaming PC rig would cost you much, much more than a console which was why buying and playing games on a console was a better idea. There was also the issue of slow internet speeds that made multiplayer gaming hard, which is why consoles were once again thought of as more superior as it allowed for local multiplayer gaming.

That being said, it is a different story today. Games on the PC and the console look just as good as each other, the internet is fast enough to support smooth multiplayer gaming, so playing on a PC or a console is a matter of choosing which method you’d rather play your games on. However NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang seems to think otherwise. He believes that console gaming is at its end.

According to a report from WCCFtech, Huang was quoted as saying, “My sense is that the game console platform is not likely to enjoy the heydays when it was really unambiguously the only and the best game platform to enjoy games.” He later adds, “Without any question is that the PC is continuing to expand the number of titles. Great titles are coming to the PC. It is continuing to grow and the quality of titles is growing up ever so fast.”

This is actually not the first time that NVIDIA executives have spoken up regarding the “superiority” of PC gaming over console gaming, but what do you guys think? These days would you rather play games on a PC or on a console?

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