The PlayStation 4 update 2.0 was a major software update for Sony’s next generation console. It brought a whole lot of new features and customization options for the PS4 but unfortunately the roll out of this update wasn’t as smooth as Sony would have wanted. Soon after the update was released many PS4 owners found that it was riddled with bugs. It has been over six days since update 2.0 came out and the issues have not ceased even though Sony has fully acknowledged all of them.

One of the most common bugs affecting consoles that have been updated to version 2.0 is the Rest Mode bug. This is essentially the standby mode which now has a new name. Many PS4 owners have complained that after they updated their console it wouldn’t wake up from Rest Mode once it was put in that state.

Sony has offered a simple solution to this bug. Avoid putting the console you have updated to version 2.0 into Rest Mode until a fix can be issued. Power off the console if you want to shut it off.

That’s not the only issue that has been irking PS4 owners. Many find random bugs within party chat, sounds and even the console’s user interface. There’s actually a long list of such random bugs on reddit which goes to show just how bug riddled the update is.

According to a tweet sent out from the official PlayStation account today Sony is “aware of issues” occuring after said update, and it is “working to resolve ASAP.” Lets keep our fingers crossed.

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