eyecanA couple of years ago, South Korean consumer electronics giant has come up with what they deem to be a brand new device – an eye mouse known as the EYECAN, if you will. Well, fast forward by slightly more than a couple of years and here we are with the Samsung EYECAN+, which would be the second generation eye mouse from them, enabling folks with disabilities to compose and edit documents using simple eye movement alone, in addition to browsing through the Internet, now how about that?


The Samsung EYECAN+ is a glasses-free eye mouse that significantly enhances ease-of-use for people with disabilities, and it happens to be a first of its kind device which does not require users to actually wear anything, but rather, this single-unit, portable box will be located right under the monitor, and it will wirelessly calibrate with the user’s eye.

SiJeong Cho, Vice President of Community Relations at Samsung Electronics, shared, “EYECAN+ is the result of a voluntary project initiated by our engineers, and reflects their passion and commitment to engage more people in our community,.” The EYECAN+ will not be commercialized, as it will see a limited quantity manufactured before they are donated to charity organizations. [Press Release]

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