Sony introduced a new feature for the PlayStation 4 through system software update 2.0. The feature is called Share Play and it allows gamers to quite literally share a game with their friends even if they don’t own a copy. It works over the internet and allows gamers to share gameplay for up to an hour in which footage is streamed to the friend who is not required to own the game as well. It was recently discovered that some games block this feature so here is a list of all PS4 games that have blocked Share Play.

The company did confirm that it has left it up to the developers whether or not they want to support the Share Play feature. Some merely don’t support it right now because they weren’t given access to Share Play when the games were being developed, so its likely that support might come through a future update.

Currently there are 14 PlayStation 4 games that block Share Play. These include Another World, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Child of Light, Fez, Hotline Miami, Metro Redux, Minecraft, PixelJunk Shooter Ultimate, Rayman Legends, SteamWorld Dig, Thief, Tomb Raider and Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Before update 2.0.1 was released for PlayStation 4 this feature was blocked by Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor as well, but not anymore. It ultimately depends upon the developers whether they decide to support Share Play or not, so fans can simply keep their fingers crossed and hope that their favorite titles don’t block this feature.

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