singapore_airlines_airbus_a380_w55cdWhile WiFi might be readily available at cafes and some restaurants you frequent, there are places where WiFi can be charged at a premium, such as in hotels where the prices go by per hour or per day and are ridiculously expensive, or inflight WiFi in which it is just as ridiculously expensive.

Well one man by the name of Jeremy Gutsche learnt the hard way just how expensive inflight WiFi can be. Flying from London to Singapore on a Singapore Airlines’ flight, Gutsche opted to subscribe to the airline’s inflight WiFi at $28.99 for 30MB of data. However it seems that the service was so slow to the point where it took Gutsche an hour to upload a 4MB PowerPoint slide, which he estimated could have cost him around $100.

Little did he know that when the bill arrived, it ended up costing him a whopping $1,171.46. Now Gutsche was aware that if he crossed the 30MB threshold that he would be charged for the overages, but his gripe here seems to be that not only was the WiFi painfully slow, but he was not alerted when he was approaching or had reached the 30MB mark, so how was he to know that he had exceeded it?

Gutsche has since taken to Twitter to seek help and to see if Singapore Airlines will at the very least reduce the bill. A response from the official Singapore Airlines Twitter account has stated that they are checking with their service provider and they will get back to him soon.

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