sony-xperia-z3v-hands-on-3As some of you guys might have heard, Sony isn’t exactly doing too well in the mobile market at the moment. While the company makes some pretty decent phones with exceptional cameras, it seems that for whatever reason customers are not taking to them. Now according to a report from last month, it was rumored that Sony could be looking to release one new flagship phone a year as opposed to two.

In a more recent report from Reuters, it has now been revealed that Sony is also expected to trim their smartphone and TV lineup over the coming years. This means that if you were looking forward to more Sony smartphones and TVs from which you can choose from, you’d be out of luck. It seems that Sony has decided that instead of focusing on market share or market size, they’re choosing to focus on profits instead.

The company also revealed a three-year electronic business plan in which they are aiming to boost the sales of its image sensor business by as much as 70%. Given that Sony’s sensors can be found on a variety of cameras (not just made from Sony) as well as mobile devices (such as iPhones, for example), that seems like a pretty solid goal to aim for.

Sony is also looking to increase sales in its gaming division by 25%, which also covers personalized TV, video and music distribution services. Last we heard on the gaming front, Sony has managed to ship 13.5 million PlayStation 4 units, so we reckon things are looking good on the gaming front as well.

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