upp fuel cellMost, if not all, power banks are made of the same stuff. It’s just a matter of how much battery you want, how much it costs, and whether there might be additional features built into the power bank that you might need. Well if you’re in the market for something different, you might be interested to learn that Intelligent Energy Holdings has recently announced that the Upp power bank will be going on sale starting in the UK.

For those unfamiliar, Upp is basically a power bank, but what makes it so different from the competition is the fact that it is a power bank powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. This makes charging devices a lot faster than most power banks and can be even compared to the speeds you might get from plugging it into a wall outlet directly.

Sounds good, right? Well there are some drawbacks, one of which is that users will need to replace the Upp cartridge once it runs out. The Upp Fuel Cell device and the Upp Cartridge will be sold as a set around the $230 mark, and each cartridge you buy will set you back an extra $9. Eventually we expect this will get pretty expensive as Upp expects that each cartridge will last users about a week.

The folks at Pocket-lint have also noted that the device tends to make a hissing sound and emits a faint odor when in use, and is pretty heavy at the same time. So why would anyone want to buy this? Well like we said, it offers a quick charge to devices on the go, so if you’re desperate for battery, then this should solve your problems in a pinch, but in the long-run, you could find yourself spending more than you would like.

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