There’s a new app out for The Washington Post but don’t expect to download it on your iPad or Samsung device right away. It turns out that this application has been made exclusive to Amazon Fire tablet for six months. If you’re wondering why this exclusivity has been graciously granted to Amazon’s tablets, there’s actually a pretty good reason for it.

Last year Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos acquired The Washington Post, in his personal capacity, for $250 million. Given that he also runs Amazon its pretty easy to connect the dots here. Kindle fire tablet owners will have free access to the new app for six months.

It has neither been confirmed by Amazon nor The Washington Post when exactly will the exclusivity end and this application will be opened up to other platforms, particularly iOS, seeing as how iPads are some of the most widely used devices for catching up on the news.

The app has been developed to replicate the experience of reading the paper as if it was in print, the “pinch view” feature in this app attempts to replicate that experience. Users will get access to two editions per day which the editorial team for The Washington Post will release at 5 am ET and 5 pm ET.

Kindle tablet owners can download The Washington Post app right away from the Amazon Appstore.

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