amazon-appstore-200k“Do not despise small beginnings” is a pearl of wisdom that is definitely worth holding on to. After all, even the biggest tree grew from a small seed, and hence, app stores that are now a staple in modern day society started off with just a handful of apps submitted. Having said that, Amazon’s Appstore has grown over time to finally touch the 200k apps milestone, at least according to the company’s annual report. In there, we still have absolutely no idea on the number of Kindle eReaders or Kindle Fire tablets that were sold in the previous 12 months, or the total number of people who placed an order for the recently announced Amazon Fire TV.

Still, it is nice to see the company trumpet some of their successes, which will include a million people having joined the Amazon prime program during the third week of December, where this would bring the total number of subscribers into the “tens of millions.” Apart from that, the Amazon Appstore is also now available to customers in over 200 countries with a choice of more than 200,000 apps to pick from.

Do bear in mind that when compared to the likes of the Google Play Store, 200k is a pittance, since that happens to be under the 20% mark of the number of apps that the Google Play Store carries. Still, this is a decent and encouraging start for Amazon that bodes well for its future, do you not think so?

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