Software releases seldom go without a hitch. Usually there’s some lingering issue or bug that surfaces once the software has been rolled out for users. Then its a hectic job for the company as it tries to do damage control by quickly working on a fix and getting it out as soon as possible. That’s precisely what Google had to do after it rolled out Android 5.0.1 a few days back.

Soon after the release reports about memory leak on Android 5.0.1 started coming in. Many Nexus device owners are affected by this issue as evident by the plethora of posts on the official Android Issue Tracker forum on devices like the 2013 Nexus tablets and all Lollipop compatible Nexus smartphones.

Basically what the memory leak bug does is that it takes up over 1.3GB of RAM on the device leaving little for other tasks and processes. This results in open apps being closed automatically and the phone returning to the home screen on its own often. Obviously this makes the entire experience of using that device frustrating.

Fortunately it looks like the root cause of this problem has been discovered because the thread has now been closed on the official issue tracker forum and marked as “FutureRelease,” which simply means that the issue will be taken care of in an upcoming software update.

Expect another incremental Lollipop update to land soon which is likely going to fix the memory leak bug that surfaced on Android 5.0.1.

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