If the name Yves Rossy does not ring a bell, perhaps you might want to check out his growing list of achievements. Being a Swiss ex-fighter pilot, Rossy is also a Guinness Book record holder for being the first man to fly with a jet-propelled wing. Also known as Jetman by his glamor name, Rossy has returned to the skies to push the boundaries of aviation history after he successfully completed a sensational formation flight alongside Aerobatics Champion Veres Zoltán in where else but Dubai.

Jetman Dubai, working alongside XDubai, has recently opened the door on the realms of possibility, and thrilled audiences around the world would be pleased as punch to hear that the best is yet to come .The video above has been recorded in 4K resolution, which bodes well for the future of recording and viewing on online channels, and it is rather apt that Dubai is the city of choice for this event to happen.

Some in the midst of the desert lies a sprawling city that is full of huge buildings, and the policemen there actually drive Lamborghinis, thanks to the insane amount of money that Dubai has made over the years thanks to the amount of oil that they have sold.

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