lekki-gbaTalk about time travel – today marks the 20th birthday of the Sony PlayStation, and Sony has released a Sony PS4 that comes in all the color and livery of the original PlayStation which more or less kicked off the age of games arriving on CDs – and multiple CDs even, with Final Fantasy VII coming to mind. Having said that, the Game Boy Advance from Nintendo itself is no spring chicken, having been released in 2001, and French company Lëkki has decided to remaster the Game Boy Advance by customizing it in a quartet of dual-colors versions, namely Orange, Blue, White and Yellow.


Of course, for such an ancient (relatively speaking, that is) piece of technology, this Lëkki Game Boy Advance will still cost a fair bit – we are looking at a recommended retail price of €80, £63 or $100, depending on which part of the world you live in. It has been made available for order since November 25th, and it is nice to know that each purchase would come with a game to help you get started right out of the box – with Super Mario Advanced being the title in tow. I don’t suppose getting one of these for your nephew or niece would be out of place considering the upcoming Christmas season!

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